Friday, October 1, 2010

Fabulous Fro Friday: Liz and Jaya

I am so happy to showcase Jaya and her equally beautiful Mom, Liz. This mother and daughter love each other and definitely have a grasp on what matters most*

AT: Hi Elizabeth and Jaya. Tell us a little about your family? And Jaya tell us what has been fun about your summer?
Liz: We are a crazy bunch! We love flea markets and thrift stores. We like to take things and make other things out of them. We would eat sushi everyday if we could. We love a good book and a good movie. We like any excuse to wear a costume. Holidays (all of them!) are our favorite! We really love naps...oh, wait, thats just me...
Jaya: Swimming and going to camp!

AT: Elizabeth, how would you describe natural beauty? And how do you
communicate that to Jaya?
Liz: It sounds cliche, but I think natural beauty shines in someone who is content and comfortable with themselves. I also thinks it really beautiful when someone expresses themselves outwardly in way that is different and unique.
I think as mother's it is important to remember that our children (especially our daughters) are watching and listening. I can tell Jaya she is beautiful all day long but if she hears me complain about my weight, my nose, my hair, my hips, my eyes, my lips...I think she would be much more likely to be discontent with those same things in herself.

AT: Jaya, what or who is beautiful to you? And why?
Jaya: My mom because she has pretty hair too (Liz: I swear I didn't pay  her to say that.) and flowers because they can be lots of different colors.

AT: Liz, what inspired you to let Jaya’s hair be full and natural?

Liz: Obviously, I am kind of bias, but its amazing hair! It totally suites her. It is completely apart of her personal style and if personality could be defined by hair hers go hand in hand. Plus, if that was my hair thats how I would wear it. I am totally living vicariously through her.

AT: Jaya if you could be a Disney princess who would you be? Tell us what you love
about her.
Jaya: Princess Tiana, from he Princess and the Frog. She spends a lot of time in nature and I love her green dress!

AT: What are your favorite products to use on her hair?
Liz: Kinky Curly Curling Custard! Its amazing!!!! I can totally see a difference in her hair when we run out and use something else. Its very mousturizing! It hold her curls like nothing else! She can sleep on it and wake up and it still looks amazing! It also doesn't weigh it down at all...we totally live by "the bigger the better" when it comes to hair!

AT: I know with my daughter, combing through her hair can bring on some tears.
How do you comb through Jaya’s hair?
Liz: Well, we only comb it when its wet. I do small sections at time, working from the ends up to the roots. We deep condition it every other day and don't shampoo it. Also, I don't rinse the conditioner out all the way. As long as we comb through it every other day we don't have any problems. But if we miss a day crying can occur!

AT: Jaya, what is your favorite hairstyle?
Jaya: When I wear my hair down with a flower in it!

AT: What movie is guaranteed to make you laugh?
Jaya: Ramona and Beezus

AT: What do you love about wearing your hair natural? Greatest challenge?
Jaya: Its fun, bouncy, and its different!
Liz: I really don't think we have any challenges! She loves it. I guess my challenge is making sure it stays that way!

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Shelby said...

Love this!!! Jaya and Liz really are beautiful!

"Plus, if that was my hair that's how I would wear it." Me too!