Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gabby Douglas' Hair

Hi fives, thumbs up, and a big round of applause for Gabby Douglas. What a shining moment for her and for what she represents; hard work, commitment, sacrifice, excellence and so much more.

She is the best gymnast in the 2012 Olympic Games.

She is the first black woman to achieve this honor. And what do we her fellow sisters have to say about it..... some embarrassing ridiculousness about her hair not being just right.

These two articles say it all...

Riley: Don't ruin Douglas' moment with pettiness about hair

In Defense of Gabby Douglas' Hair

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fabulous Fro ❤ Jamyrlyn

Today I used a blow dryer and blew out my friends natural hair. It was her first blow out since she cut off her dreadlocks 5 months ago. We are all big and bad until we are hit with the realization of our own natural hair.

She has been very supportive while I've walked out my hair journey but now it was time for me to hold her hand. She thought that because she had worn dreadlocks for 10 years this would be easy.

She kept saying things like "it looks nappy" "it looks unfinished" "it looks like it needs a comb" and then came the power phrase....."I just need to put my make up on. Then it will look right."  All the while I am laughing and encouraging her. I could not be more empathetic. I said and did all the same things and more. I GET IT, truly I do.

And this is what I have learned...

No more self-hatred.

No more put downs.

Natural hair, while it may not be mainstream or widely accepted, is good enough. In fact, it is just right.  So Stop it! Stop beating yourself up. And if you want to take your natural hair for a glam ride, do it, even if you don't have your make up on.

Jam, you are a fabulous fro!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Enter with the password THANK YOU, psalms 100.MSG.
Gratefulness gets us a lot further than grouchiness.

Have a grateful thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Protective Styles: Roll and Tuck

I have been natural for 5 years now and have just learned the importance of protective styling. I have grown out my afro twice in 5 years because I always seem to do something to mess it up. I recently read a post by curly nikki that said "more hair, more problems" and that certainly has been true for me. But I think protective styling may be the missing link.

I usually have to suffer through protective styles but this one was very well recieved. And most importantly, I felt confident and beautiful wearing this style. It lasted for a week and weathered 4 sweaty workouts and nighttime.  I wrapped a satin strip around the edges at night. Below is the link to the tutorial that I sent to my stylist to watch.

This is a cute protective style for little ones. This is my daughter Savanna and she has 3c hair.
Criss Cross Buns

Cheers to beautiful protective hair styles!